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Luxury Condo Cuscaden Reserve Repriced for Sale

Exciting news about Cuscaden Reserve Repriced for Sale. In the heart of Singapore’s District 10, Cuscaden Reserve, a high-end condominium, has recently been repriced for sale. The property, a collaboration between SC Global, New World Development, and Far East Consortium, comprises 192 units spread across 28 storeys, with the revaluation strategy aimed at enticing investors in a competitive market. This could be due to the ABSD Extension Granted to 44 new launches projects.

An impending 15% Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty for unsold units adds a layer of urgency. Is this new price point truly reflective of the property’s value given its luxury features, prime location, and comparison with upcoming projects like Orchard Boulevard? Let’s explore this further.

Cuscaden Reserve: An Overview

Strategically situated in the heart of Singapore, Cuscaden Reserve is a 192-unit, 28-storey luxury condominium that was completed in August 2013, designed by the renowned SCDA Architects, and obtained its Temporary Occupation Permit in August 2023.

This development offers a mix of one, two, three-bedroom apartments, and four-bedroom units, with a unique duplex penthouse crowning the top two floors. This project is part of SC Global’s Petit Collectible luxury collection, providing a tasteful blend of tranquil living and urban convenience.

With its excellent location, high-quality design, and a variety of unit sizes, Cuscaden Reserve has attracted a diverse pool of investors and homeowners who appreciate the finer things in life, making it a symbol of prestige and an epitome of urban luxury.

Cuscaden Reserve Repriced for Sale : Understanding the Pricing Strategy

The pricing strategy for Cuscaden Reserve, set by the joint venture of SC Global, New World Development, and Far East Consortium, is a calculated approach aimed at staying competitive while maximizing returns. The developers meticulously analyzed market trends and potential competition to reprice the units and attract a wider range of buyers.

The strategy allows for a greater sense of belonging to those desiring luxury living at an accessible price point. Additionally, this repricing strategy also assists in mitigating the risk of potential penalties, such as the 15% Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ABSD) for unsold units. As a result, it fosters a sense of community for potential buyers and investors, tying them closer to the residential project and establishing a relationship of trust.

Cuscaden Reserve Vs Orchard Boulevard Project

In comparing Cuscaden Reserve with the Orchard Boulevard project, several remarkable differences emerge, primarily in the areas of pricing, target market, and unit sizes.

Cuscaden Reserve, re-priced at $2,900 psf, distinctly undercuts Orchard Boulevard’s estimated pricing range of $3,000 to $3,200 psf. This strategic pricing aims to attract a market segment seeking luxury at a more accessible price.

Additionally, while Cuscaden Reserve offers a mix of compact and spacious units, Orchard Boulevard is slated to feature larger format units, catering to a different demographic. Despite these differences, both projects aim to create an appeal of exclusivity, each in its unique manner.

The choice between the two would largely depend on potential buyers’ preferences regarding pricing, unit size, and the sense of community they wish to join.

Detailed Unit Specifications

Offering a diverse range of luxurious living spaces, Cuscaden Reserve boasts units that vary from compact one-bedroom apartments to spacious four-bedroom units and an exclusive duplex penthouse. These meticulously designed accommodations span from 700 sq ft to a generous 3,755 sq ft, providing ample space for a variety of lifestyle needs.

Each unit is finished with top-of-the-line fittings and fixtures, including a fully equipped kitchen and opulent bathrooms. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow natural light to flood the interiors, accentuating the chic, modern decor. The units also feature an open-plan design, ideal for those who appreciate sleek, contemporary living.

Cuscaden Reserve, hence, is more than a home; it’s a lifestyle statement for those who desire an address that speaks of elegance and exclusivity.

Transacted Prices and Rents

Analyzing the transactional history, Cuscaden Reserve has achieved a high of $3,830 psf for a three-bedroom unit, with recent rental rates ranging from $5,600 to $8,000 per month. This stellar performance underscores the property’s allure to discerning investors and residents alike.

The development, relaunched at a competitive $2,900 psf, presents a lucrative opportunity for prospective buyers seeking to be part of this esteemed community. The ongoing demand is evidence of the project’s intrinsic value, despite the current market fluctuations.

Moreover, the rents achieved, hovering between $8 to $9 psf per month, further solidify Cuscaden Reserve’s standing as a desirable investment. Indeed, these figures reflect the compelling blend of luxury, convenience, and potential returns that Cuscaden Reserve offers its distinguished homeowners.

Exploring Luxury Features

Cuscaden Reserve is not just a residential development, but a luxurious haven that stands out with its array of opulent amenities and distinct features. Included in SC Global’s Petit Collectible luxury projects, it speaks to those with refined taste and an appreciation for exquisite design.

Managed by Seven Palms Resort Management and Concierge Services, the development guarantees an exceptional living experience. Units vary in size, running from a comfortable 700 sq ft to a palatial 3,755 sq ft, with an exclusive duplex penthouse gracing the 27th and 28th floors.

The blend of artful design, unmatched quality, and prime location not only cater to the aesthetic sensibilities of prospective buyers but also serve as an attractive investment opportunity.

Amenities at Cuscaden Reserve

Building on the luxury features, the amenities provided within the Cuscaden Reserve development are equally impressive and thoughtfully designed to cater to the needs of its residents.

The development includes a state-of-the-art fitness center, a luxurious swimming pool, and a high-end clubhouse for private gatherings.

The beautifully landscaped gardens provide a tranquil sanctuary for residents amid the city’s hustle and bustle. For those who value convenience, there are also retail and dining options within the development itself.

The Cuscaden Reserve also offers all-encompassing concierge services, catering to the needs of residents and ensuring a seamless, hassle-free living experience.

With such all-encompassing amenities, residents can enjoy an elevated lifestyle, underpinned by luxury and convenience, at Cuscaden Reserve.

Cuscaden Reserve Repriced for Sale : Investment Appeal of Cuscaden Reserve

Delving into the investment potential of Cuscaden Reserve, several key factors underscore its appeal to discerning investors. To start with, the revised pricing strategy, which is 20% below the average transacted prices, presents a compelling entry point.

Coupled with the threat of a potential 15% Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty for unsold units, this offers an advantageous opportunity for prospective investors.

Moreover, the high rents achieved, ranging from $8 to $9 psf per month, highlight its robust rental yield potential.

Finally, Cuscaden Reserve’s prime location and exclusive luxury offerings, managed by Seven Palms Resort Management and Concierge Services, secure its ongoing attractiveness.

With all these factors in play, investment in Cuscaden Reserve represents a unique opportunity for those desiring a sense of unique exclusivity and strong investment potential.

Unique Selling Points of Cuscaden Reserve

Boasting a plethora of unique features, the Cuscaden Reserve distinguishes itself through its strategic location, luxury amenities, and compelling pricing strategy.

Nestled within the prestigious Orchard Road neighborhood, it offers residents immediate access to world-class shopping, dining, and entertainment. The condominium is part of SC Global’s Petit Collectible luxury projects and offers a range of unit sizes, from cozy one-bedroom apartments to an exclusive duplex penthouse.

Managed by Seven Palms Resort Management and Concierge Services, residents are assured of exceptional service and personal attention. Additionally, the repricing strategy makes it an excellent investment opportunity in Singapore’s prime real estate market.

The Cuscaden Reserve creates an exclusive sanctuary that balances urban living with personal luxury. The pricing is excellent as Cuscaden Reserve Repriced for Sale !

Buyer’s Perspective on New Pricing

From a buyer’s perspective, the new pricing of Cuscaden Reserve presents an attractive entry point into the luxury real estate market of Singapore. The repricing strategy, which places the property at 20% below average transacted prices, is a remarkable opportunity for discerning investors. It is not just about acquiring a luxurious abode, but an embodiment of an elite lifestyle.

The property’s unique features, its location, and the prestige associated with the SC Global brand, all contribute to its allure. Coupled with potential rental returns, this makes the investment even more enticing. The repriced units, positioned competitively against upcoming projects, are seen as a valuable proposition, offering a sense of belonging to a prestigious community at a relatively affordable investment.


The repricing of Cuscaden Reserve presents a significant opportunity for investors seeking a premium residential property. Its strategic location, luxury features, and unique selling points, coupled with a compelling pricing strategy, contribute to its investment appeal.

The comparison with the Orchard Boulevard project further underscores its value proposition. Given the potential ABSD implications, the urgency to capitalize on this opportunity is evident.

As a result, Cuscaden Reserve emerges as an attractive proposition in the luxury real estate market.

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