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Why The Continuum is a Good Buy : A Top Condo Selling Well

Why The Continuum is a Good Buy
Why The Continuum is a Good Buy

Why The Continuum is a Good Buy : The Reasons

The Continuum stands as Singapore’s third-largest freehold development crafted by the renowned developers Hoi Hup and Sunway.

This expansive freehold property spans nearly 270,000 square feet, making it one of the largest within the Tanjong Katong area. It boasts an impressive total of 816 residential units distributed across six towers and includes two basement car parks. The facilities at this new launch are excellent and promise to bring a wealth of enjoyment to your family and guests.

Historical Data shows us WHY

Historical data in Singapore has time and time again shown us why large freehold land holdings in District 15 have consistently demonstrated higher demand, thus offering good investment opportunities.

Notably, iconic developments such as The Seaview, One Amber, and The Esta have showcased great growth and capital appreciation as well as rental yields over the years.

This is why we always think that Why The Continuum is a Good Buy !

Freehold Properties in District 15 do well

District 15 distinguishes itself as a unique area, primarily recognized for its abundance of freehold properties. In the last ten years, the district has seen a remarkable emphasis on freehold developments, boasting an impressive 420 distinct projects, in stark contrast to just 23 projects with 99-year leaseholds.

This predominance of freehold properties sets District 15 apart as a prime location for long-term property ownership. The sheer number of freehold projects in the area plays a pivotal role in enhancing property transaction activities, which in turn positively influences the potential for future resale values. This trend underscores the district’s appeal for those seeking stable and potentially lucrative real estate investments.

The higher number of units in District 15 leads to a surge in transaction volumes, which are a crucial element in determining the value of your property. This vigorous level of transaction activity, when combined with the district’s strong inclination towards freehold properties, reinforces their sustained desirability in the area. The continuous flow of transactions not only indicates a healthy and dynamic real estate market but also solidifies the long-term value and appeal of properties in District 15. This trend makes it an attractive location for both property investors and homeowners looking for a secure and appreciating asset.

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Strategic Location with Wealth of Amenities

The Continuum is strategically positioned within a 1km radius of an array of amenities, making it a prime location in District 15. It boasts close proximity to prestigious schools such as Kong Hwa School, Haig Girls’ Primary, and Tanjong Katong Primary School.

Most notably, The Continuum is the only freehold development in District 15 with 300 or more units that lies within a 1km radius of the highly esteemed Kong Hwa School. This unique attribute significantly elevates its attractiveness and desirability among potential residents, especially those prioritizing educational opportunities for their children.

This ideal location is further enhanced by its nearness to Dakota MRT Station (just 700 meters away), Kinex Mall (420 meters), and within walking distance to Paya Lebar Quarter (PLQ) MRT and shopping centers, offering unparalleled convenience for residents.

Additionally, The Continuum is surrounded by a rich selection of dining and shopping facilities, including the nearby Haig Road Market and a hawker center, catering to a variety of tastes and preferences. The presence of Grade A offices in the vicinity, employing around 10,000 people, adds to the vibrancy of the area.

Freehold Drought Soon in New Launch

In the upcoming two years, we anticipate a scarcity of new freehold (FH) project launches. This scenario is likely to have a positive impact on freehold property prices. ???? When potential FH buyers find fewer new launches available, their attention naturally shifts to the resale market. This shift presents a significant opportunity, especially for The Continuum, as it stands as the newest and largest freehold project in the east, offering promising prospects for excellent returns upon exit.

Now is an opportune time to invest in a freehold property like The Continuum, especially when it is available at a competitive price relative to new 99-year leasehold launches in the area that share similar attributes. Freehold properties are traditionally valued for their potential for long-term appreciation due to their perpetual ownership.

Historical trends indicate that freehold properties generally experience an increase in value over time, often surpassing their leasehold counterparts. This trend underscores the wisdom in capitalizing on the chance to invest in a freehold property like The Continuum when it is attractively priced, especially in comparison to new leasehold developments nearby. This approach is a strategic investment decision aimed at maximizing future growth potential.

Good Entry Point in The Continuum 2 Bedrooms

The current investment opportunity at The Continuum is particularly compelling for a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom unit with a store room. The most affordable unit on offer is presently priced at $1.756 million, which presents a significant scope for future appreciation.

This is evident when considering the price range within the project since its launch: the lowest transaction recorded was at $1.670 million, while the highest-priced unit available now stands at $2.111 million.

Entering the market at the current price point appears strategically advantageous. There exists a potential price differential between the current purchase price and the price that future buyers might be willing to pay. This sizable gap indicates a robust opportunity for capital growth in the future.

For investors, this means that investing now in The Continuum could potentially lead to substantial financial gains, as the market value of these units is poised to climb, reflecting the general trend of appreciation in freehold properties in the area. Such an investment could prove to be a prudent and profitable decision in the dynamic real estate landscape of District 15.

3 Bedroom Premium with Good Layout

The offering of a 3-bedroom premium unit at The Continuum, priced at $2.815 million or $2,641 per square foot (psf), presents a highly attractive option for potential buyers, particularly because of its practical and appealing layout. This unit features not only a spacious living area but also several functional elements such as a store room, a house shelter within the kitchen, and a helper’s toilet, which add significant convenience to daily living.

Further enhancing its appeal is the enclosed kitchen design, which includes a half glass wall and a glass sliding door, contributing to both improved visibility and aesthetic appeal. The living room’s expansive width of 3 meters, the additional side window in the master bedroom, a master bedroom of a generous 19 square meters, and the ample space in the common bedroom, all come together to create an ideal layout for a mid-sized family. This design prioritizes both comfort and functionality, making it a well-thought-out space for contemporary living.

When comparing the price of this 3-bedroom unit at The Continuum to those of 99-year leasehold Building Under Construction (BUC) projects in the same vicinity, it becomes apparent that The Continuum’s pricing is quite competitive. What makes this an even more compelling opportunity is the fact that The Continuum offers a freehold property at this price point.

Given the competitive nature of the pricing, it’s crucial to acknowledge that such opportunities to acquire a freehold property at this rate in a desirable location like District 15 may not be available indefinitely. This presents a unique and timely opportunity for buyers looking for value, quality, and the long-term benefits of owning a freehold property in a prime location.

4 Bedroom Unit is a Compelling Investment Opportunity

The 4-bedroom unit at The Continuum, spanning 1,227 sqft and offered at a starting price of $3.273 million or $2,667 per square foot (psf), represents an attractive investment opportunity, especially when its pricing is evaluated in the context of recent market transactions in the vicinity.

For perspective, let’s consider the 99-year leasehold development Liv@MB, which achieved a price of $2,641 psf or $4.008 million for their 4-bedroom unit in August 2023. This comparison is significant as it highlights the competitive pricing of The Continuum’s units. Moreover, other nearby 99-year leasehold new launches have seen transactions surpassing the $3.7 million mark or reaching around $2,601 psf, further underlining the value proposition of The Continuum.

Additionally, the sub-sale transaction at Amber Park, which commanded a price of $3,085 psf, sets an important benchmark in the market. When juxtaposed with these figures, the 4-bedroom units at The Continuum are notably attractively priced, offering a competitive edge in the current market. This comparison not only showcases the relative affordability of The Continuum’s units but also their potential for appreciation, given the trends in the surrounding area.

Therefore, for investors and homebuyers seeking a spacious, well-designed unit in a prime location, the 4-bedroom units at The Continuum emerge as a compelling choice, offering value for money and a promising investment potential in the dynamic real estate landscape of District 15.

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