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367 unit condo on Peace Centre site

The Peace Centre site revamp is set to transform the area into a dynamic mixed-use development by 2028, with a 367 unit condo on Peace Centre site.

Approved in late 2023 and some 2½ years after the ageing mall in Sophia Road was sold, the project will feature 367 residential units, offices, and vibrant retail spaces.

Located near Orchard Road, it offers easy access to shopping and dining. One Sophia, part of the redevelopment, will have modern homes and strata-titled offices, enhancing community living with great amenities like gyms and pools. CEL and SingHaiyi are teaming up to bring this ambitious vision to life, ensuring a thorough and innovative transformation.

Project Overview

The Peace Centre site revamp is an exciting redevelopment project approved in late 2023, set to transform the area with 367 residential units, strata-titled offices, and retail spaces. The project scope covers not just housing and office needs but also amenities that foster community spirit.

Imagine a place where you can live, work, and socialize—all within walking distance. Plus, the location advantages are unbeatable. Situated near Orchard Road, you’ll have easy access to shopping, dining, and public transport.

This redevelopment is more than just new buildings; it’s about creating a vibrant community that brings people together. You’ll feel a sense of belonging in this refreshed, dynamic environment.

367 unit condo on Peace Centre site : Development Timeline

Anticipate the redevelopment of the Peace Centre site to be completed by 2028. You can expect to see significant construction progress and infrastructure updates as the project advances.

Here’s a quick look at the timeline:

  1. Planning Approval: Received in late 2023, setting the stage for the project.
  2. Launch Date: Residential and office units are expected to launch in Q3 of the current year.
  3. Project Milestones: Regular updates will keep you informed of key milestones, ensuring you’re part of this exciting journey.

As we move forward, you’ll see the transformation unfold, creating a vibrant mixed-use space that brings our community closer together.

Residential and Office Units

You’ll find a blend of modern residential units and functional strata-titled offices at One Sophia, catering to both living and working needs. The residential units come packed with high-quality unit amenities, ensuring you have everything for a comfortable lifestyle. Imagine having sleek kitchens, spacious living areas, and smart home features that make life easier.

For those working from home or running a business, the strata-titled offices offer a perfect solution, providing professional spaces right where you live.

But it’s not just about the units; the community facilities are designed to foster a sense of belonging. You’ll enjoy shared spaces like gyms, swimming pools, and lounges, where you can connect with neighbors and build a thriving community.

A similar project that is in the area that is being sold now is the Orchard Sophia project.

Retail Space Features

In addition to the residential and office units, One Sophia’s retail spaces promise a vibrant shopping and dining experience just steps from your door. You’ll find yourself immersed in a dynamic retail experience, thanks to thoughtfully integrated design concepts aimed at fostering community and connection.

Here’s what you can look forward to:

  1. Diverse Retail Options: From boutique stores to gourmet restaurants, there’s something for everyone.
  2. Modern Design Elements: Sleek interiors and inviting exteriors create a welcoming atmosphere.
  3. Community Spaces: Areas for socializing and relaxing, making it more than just a shopping destination.

Imagine strolling through stylish boutiques, grabbing a bite with friends, and feeling right at home in a space designed for your enjoyment.

Developer Collaboration

The redevelopment of the Peace Centre site is a collaborative endeavor between CEL and SingHaiyi, promising an all-encompassing and innovative transformation.

You’ll find that this partnership brings a multitude of benefits, such as shared expertise and resources, which guarantee the project’s success. However, it’s not without its challenges. Coordinating between two major players can sometimes lead to differing opinions and logistical hurdles. Yet, the developer partnership dynamics between CEL and SingHaiyi are strong, built on mutual respect and a shared vision.

This teamwork ensures that every aspect of the redevelopment, from the residential units to the retail spaces, is crafted with precision and care, making you feel part of a vibrant, well-planned community.

SingHaiyi is not new to development of excellent condo projects in Singapore. Here’s some of their current projects that we have also featured in our New Launches Condo web site.

SingHaiyi’s current projects in 2023

Project nameLocationTypeTenureSite area (sq m)GFA (sq m)Residential unitsExpected date of completion
One Sophia (Commercial) and The Collective at One Sophia (Residential)1 Sophia RoadMixed-use99-year7,11857,9653672028
Sora9A-9D Yuan Ching RoadResidential99-year17,83537,4534402027
TMW Maxwell31 Tras StreetMixed-use99-year3,88323,1433242028
SingHaiyi’s current projects in 2023


As you can see, the Peace Centre site’s transformation into One Sophia is set to revolutionize urban living near Orchard Road.

With 367 residential units, modern office spaces, and vibrant retail areas, this mixed-use project promises luxury and convenience. Thanks to the collaboration between CEL and SingHaiyi, you’ll soon enjoy a seamless blend of work, life, and play. Keep an eye out for its launch in the third quarter—it’s an exciting time for the city’s future!